News and Current Projects

Dr. Reznick’s most recent book is John Galsworthy and Disabled Soldiers of the Great War, which was published in 2009 by Manchester University Press. Details are available in the Books section of this web site.

With an illustrated selection of writings by Galsworthy, John Galsworthy and Disabled Soldiers of the Great War represents the most comprehensive study written to date of his humanitarian support for soldiers disabled in the Great War.


“...This is an innovative study. Using unusual sources, or already well-known ones in a creative way, it illuminates the nooks and crannies of military hospital life, giving the reader an insight into the internal identity or the Tommy and the perceptions of him developed by those concerned with acregiving. This is an interesting study, which makes a valuable addition to the cultural history of war.”
~ Julie Anderson, University of Manchester, in Social History of Medicine (December 2005)

“...a pursuasive and readable account of the linked histories of nation and body during the Great War...nuanced and multifaceted...”
~ Tina Y. Choi, York University, in the Journal of British Studies (April 2006)

“...Jeffrey Reznick’s Healing the Nation...provides a mass of fascinating detail about the intersections of medical knowledge, social relations, official concerns, and physical environments that produced the culture he identifies. This study is timely: while there has been a considerable amount of research on its events, its legacies, and its memorialization, far less attention has been given to the organization and culture of caregiving in the First World War...Healing the nation will be of interest to all those interested not only in the events and sicial relations of the war but also in its legacies. The conclusion postulates a number of questions that the study has been unable to answer and calls for more research into ‘the work of healing the nation both during and after the war.’ It is hoped that Reznick's call is answered.”
~ Judy Giles, York St. John University, in the Journal of British Studies (January 2007)

“...[a] succinct and original study...With creativity and panache, Reznick teases out soldiers' subjective experiences of the caregiving they received from the visual and written texts they produced about them. Reznick's first-rate analysis of hospital magazines -- their form, content, editorial policies, circulation, and readers -- provides a model of how historians can reread traditional sources to uncover otherwise inaccessible aspects of the history of disabled persons...”
~ Seth Koven, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, in Radical History Review (Winter 2006)

“...a model of careful argumentation and thorough research...”
~ George Robb, William Patterson University, in the Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences (July 2007)

“ intelligent book, full of rich detail, and opening up a subject responsive to further investigation...”
~ Trevor Wilson, University of Adelaide, in the English Historical Review (April 2006)

Research and Related Honors

Dr Reznick’s record of historical and related research is as extensive as his career in the nonprofit sector.

He has been awarded research grants from the National Endowment of the Humanities, Reynolds Historical Library of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and The Wellcome Trust (declined).

Dr. Reznick is an Honorary Research Fellow in the University of Birmingham's Centre for War Studies and an elected fellow of the Royal Historical Society of the United Kingdom.

Selected Chapters, Articles, and Reviews

In addition to authoring two books published by Manchester University Press, Dr. Reznick has written several original essays in scholarly collections, numerous analytical histories in scholarly reference works, over a dozen book reviews in scholarly journals, and a number of historical pieces for popular audiences.